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Achieve Your Professional Goals In Less Time


Achieve Your Professional Goals In Less Time...

"Shelly Eldridge's coaching model can be applied to any level within a corporate or entrepreneurial structure. She gave examples of identifying current mindsets that may be keeping you from making a decision to move into action, how to make consumable pieces for your goal so that you maintain momentum, the importance of surrounding yourself with accountability partners that will be a catalyst toward your wins, and the need to encourage yourself along the journey. Shelly Eldridge is an excellent motivational coach whose energy will encourage anyone to take action."

Goal Success for Teams...

Shelly provides interactive group coaching for companies, organizations, businesses, and universities. Shelly has experience working with small groups and large groups. Group coaching options include seminars, workshops, and conference sessions.

Topics Include:

  • 5 Strategies to Increase Your Confidence
  • Identifying Your Strengths as a Leader To Unlock Your Potential
  • How to Present Effectively Even If It’s New to You
  • Goal Setting for Success Framework
  • Collaborating with Millennial Teams

**Now accepting virtual and in-person requests for 2023

Professionals From:

"Fantastic presentation! I really appreciated how The Possibility Framework™ focused on making actionable steps to reach a goal. I get too bogged down in the big picture and then the negative self-talk kicks up and I am paralyzed. That said, I am stuck and need a voice like yours to support me through finishing my MS degree. I am so close!"

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