Shelly is the best when it comes to helping professionals, entrepreneurs, and creatives to quickly increase confidence to take action for personal and professional goals in less time without overthinking or being overwhelmed. Shelly Eldridge is a Certified Transformation Life Coach, Author, Graphic Designer, Licensed Minister, and Entrepreneur who is known as “The Confidence Coach.”

Her genius lies in her innate ability to connect the dots, identifying hindrances to progress, and providing simple actionable strategies that consistently promote authentic confidence and faster goal success for her clients leading to increased impact and income. Her interactive and easy-to-implement approach to increasing confidence, using The Possibility Framework™ and the 5WH Method™, has helped many professionals, creatives, entrepreneurs and so many others from various industries to FINALLY accomplish the goals they have been desiring to achieve for months, years, or even decades with confidence!

From being unsure of her purpose and value to becoming a highly effective Confidence Coach, Shelly is a walking billboard for rapid confidence and goal success with sustainable results.

Secret #1

Decide What You Want & Get Committed

Secret #2

Be Empowered to Take Intentional Action

Secret #3

Stay Inspired to Make Your Created Impact

The Possibility Framework™

Rapid Confidence With Proven Strategies

Shelly uses The Possibility Framework™, her proven 3-Part process for quickly increasing confidence for achieving personal and professional goals in less time. This Framework was created to help you to drastically change your perspective so you can take simple action towards increased confidence so you can achieve your goals faster than you ever imagined possible.

Working with Shelly, many professionals, creatives, and entrepreneurs have been empowered to overcome negative self-talk, breakthrough procrastination, and get beyond their challenges and hindrances faster than they ever imagined. Each client experiences a level of transformation that allows them to carry out their dreams, visions, goals or purpose with increased confidence. 
  • Overcome Negative Self-talk
  • Breakthrough Procrastination
  • Navigate Beyond Your Hindrances and Challenges
  • Take Intentional Action With Simple Action Steps
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